5 Popular Roof Choices in Atlanta

roof choices in Atlanta

When choosing a roof for your home in Atlanta, there are plenty of options to consider. Each type has unique advantages, from sleek and modern metal roofs to classic gable designs. In this blog post, we’ll explore five popular roof choices that protect from the elements and add visual appeal to your home.

Whether you’re looking for durability, energy efficiency, or extra living space, we can provide superior roof installation services! So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect roof type for your Atlanta abode.


Metal roofs are gaining popularity in Atlanta due to their effectiveness in humid climates. Thanks to technological advancements, manufacturers have developed rust-proof metal roofs that can withstand the damp air of the South. This means you won’t have to worry about your roof deteriorating or developing unsightly rust patches over time.

One major advantage of a metal roof is its resistance to algae growth. Unlike other roofing materials, such as singles, metal doesn’t provide a conducive environment for algae to thrive. So, say goodbye to those green and slimy streaks that commonly appear on traditional roofs and hello to a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing home exterior.

Another great feature of metal roofs is their ability to withstand strong winds. Traditional shingles often get blown off during storms, leading to costly repairs or even water damage inside your home. You won’t have this problem with a metal roof as they are securely fastened and less prone to wind-related issues.

Metal roofs offer practical benefits like durability and resistance against algae and wind damage and add an attractive touch to any home style. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional look, various finishes are available for metal roofing to complement your aesthetic preferences.


A popular choice among homeowners in the United States, the gable roof can be seen gracing houses from coast to coast. Its distinctive center-peaked design creates an A-shaped frame that adds character and charm to any home. But there’s more to the gable roof than just its attractive appearance.

One of the key advantages of a gabled roof is its ability to facilitate optimal air circulation within a home. Proper airflow is crucial for maintaining a well-ventilated attic and ensuring a healthy living environment. In addition, the sloping sides of the gable roof provide excellent drainage, preventing water from pooling on top and potentially causing damage.

Another benefit of choosing a gable roof is the additional space it creates on the upper floor of a home. The steep slopes allow ample headroom, making utilizing this area as livable space or storage more accessible. Whether you’re looking for extra bedrooms or office space or need room for your belongings, the spaciousness offered by a gabled roof can meet your needs.

Not only does this type of roof offer practical advantages, but it’s also easy and affordable to construct. With its simple design and straightforward installation process, contractors can efficiently complete projects using less time and resources than other roofing options.


The hip roof is popular among homeowners looking for a stylish, functional roofing option. The hip roof boasts four sloping sides, unlike the gable roof, which has two sloping sides. This unique design creates an overhang on all sides of the home, providing much-needed shade and enhancing energy efficiency.

One of the key benefits of a hip roof is its durability. It can withstand gusty winds without issues, making it ideal for areas prone to strong weather conditions. This type of roof also resists damage from sun exposure and heavy rainfall, ensuring that your home remains protected year-round.

popular roof types

Another advantage of the hip roof is its equal line on all four sides. This feature simplifies the installation process for gutters since there are no variations in slope or height along the edges. Installing gutters becomes hassle-free with a hip roof, allowing for effective drainage and preventing water buildup around your home.

In terms of aesthetics, a hip roof’s symmetrical shape, and clean lines give your house an elegant appearance. The overhang created by its slopes adds dimension to your home’s exterior while offering protection from rainwater runoff.


Mansard roofs, with their unique design derived from French and Victorian styles of the 17th century, offer homeowners a distinctive option for their homes. These roofs have a steep upper slope that gives way to a lower section on the perimeter, which is flat and vertical. This almost box-like shape not only creates a visually appealing roof but also provides homeowners with an abundance of living space.

One important consideration when opting for a Mansard roof is its ability to withstand heavy snowfall. The design may not hold up well under the weight of snow, making it less ideal for regions prone to significant snow accumulation. However, this style can be a viable choice for homeowners in the South and Southwest, where snowy winters are rare or minimal.

Despite its potential vulnerability to heavy snow loads, Mansard roofs offer numerous advantages in terms of space utilization. The design allows for maximum usage both inside and outside of the home. With its generous headroom and wide attic spaces created by the steep upper slope, homeowners can enjoy ample storage options or even convert these areas into additional living quarters.

In addition to providing abundant living space, Mansard roofs add character and charm to any home they grace. Their distinct architectural style sets them apart from more common roofing options like gable or hip roofs, adding an element of uniqueness that stands out in neighborhoods with cookie-cutter designs.


Incorporating a gambrel roof into your Atlanta home can bring a touch of rustic charm and practicality. Its resemblance to the iconic American barn adds character to any property, while its design maximizes available space inside and outside the house.

With two roof sides joining at the peak and following a slope, the gambrel style allows plenty of headroom in the upper levels of your home. This means more livable square footage for you and your family. Additionally, the steep slopes create ample attic storage space – perfect for keeping those seasonal items safely tucked away.

Whether you’re drawn to metal roofs that withstand humid climates or gable roofs that offer optimal air circulation, Atlanta’s no shortage of popular roof choices. Each style brings unique benefits and aesthetics to enhance your home’s curb appeal while protecting it from the elements.

When selecting a new roof for your Atlanta residence, consider climate conditions, architectural style preferences, maintenance requirements, and budget constraints. Deciding which roofing option suits your needs best will ensure long-lasting durability and beauty for years.

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