Most Common Causes of Roof Damage in Atlanta

Roof damage

As any Atlanta roofing company knows, your roof is your ultimate protector. It protects us and our belongings from the harsh weather outside and the elements. But, like everything in our life, it also needs care to stay in top-notch condition. Just like everything else, roofs also get damaged.

It is important for you to know what can damage your roof and how to detect damage. This will also help you in knowing when to call a professional Atlanta roofing company to repair or replace your damaged roof.

6 Common Causes of Roof Damage

There are many reasons for roof damage, and we’ve highlighted six of the most common ones to watch out for.

  • Roof’s Age

Your roof ages just like you. Particularly your shingles. They can get weak from wear and tear and even repairs throughout the years. If the shingles’ warranty is over, then it’s time you get a new roof instead of just going for repairs again and again.

  • Weather Conditions

Harsh weather is a roof’s enemy. High winds, heavy rain, hail storms, and the like can cause the shingles to get damaged. A good Atlanta roofing company understands that shingles can get damaged and ripped off due to weather damage in Atlanta. This can cause water to seep into the roof and the rest of the house.

This moisture can get frozen during winter and expand and cause damage to the roof underneath. Water damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible because it can reach your electrical system and cause even more harm to the house and its inhabitants.

  • Foot Traffic

This depends on the design of the roof. If you have a roof that allows people to get on it and hang out on it, then the foot traffic can damage the shingles and even rip them off.  It is best to avoid going to the roof but if you must go, always wear shoes with softer and blunt soles and avoid doing so in high heat when the roof is already so vulnerable.

  • Putting Off Repairs

People often put off repairing damages to their roof and this is possibly the biggest mistake they make. Your roof gets damaged due to various reasons and needs repairs to elongate its life. Getting an Atlanta roofing company to do a proper inspection of your roof from time to time can save you an early roof replacement and keep your roof in good shape with the necessary repairs done on time.

Make sure you are also keeping your gutters clean of debris after a storm or windy weather. Again, it is always better to spend on repairs than to spend on a replacement.

  • Bad Installation

Most often, the reason a roof gets damaged is that it wasn’t installed the right way in the first place. The last contractor may have added the roofing over old and damaged shingles, didn’t use proper flashing, damaged the underlayment.

It is also possible they never used any sealant or didn’t properly lock overlapping shingles. Roofing companies often use these tactics to save money. This is why it’s crucial you hire an authentic and experienced Atlanta roofing company.

  • Termites

Termites can cause major damage to a roof in a very short amount of time. It can get into the foundation of the roof and eat away the wood structures like the roof structures, joists, and decking. If these structures get attacked by termites, they can be destroyed and cause the roof to collapse in extreme cases.

They are pretty difficult to detect and the best way to avoid them is to coat your wooden structures and get regular inspections done.

How Can a Professional Atlanta Roofing Company Help You?

The best way to avoid a full roof replacement is to make sure you are assessing damage after every storm or harsh weather episode, make sure your gutters are always clear of branches, debris, or leaves so as to not clog them and cause water damage.

Your roof is your ultimate defense against the elements and it protects your family and your belongings. It demands extra care on your end to ensure it is in good condition and can withstand seasons to come. Make sure you schedule timely inspections so small damages are discovered in time and are repaired timely as well.

Your best option is to hire an Atlanta Roofing Company which provides top-of-the-line roof repair and replacement services in Atlanta. We have roofing experts that are trained and certified to deliver quality roof repairs and replacements as required. We work on the convenience of your schedule and ensure minimum disruption in routine.

Call us to schedule a routine inspection of your roof today.


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