How to Hang Lights This Holiday Season Without Damaging Your Roof

holiday season

It’s the holiday season and that means decorations. And what are holiday decorations without lighting? Although the lighting looks really nice and really gets you in the holiday spirit, hanging lights from your roof can damage it. If you’ve previously hung lights from your roof and are seeing some damage, you need to call an Atlanta roofing company to inspect the damage.

Now, let’s look at some ways in which you can avoid damaging your roof while also being able to decorate the house with lighting this holiday season.

Test Those Lights Out First

If we had a nickel for every time a client told us that they hung the holiday season lights without testing them out first, we’d be rolling in money right now. Too many people forget to test out the lights before they hang them. Test them to see if all the bulbs work fine. You do not want to hang them and then see how it looks.

Also, make sure the lights are for outdoor use to avoid any hazardous situation like the lights catching fire.

Use Eaves

The first role of thumb you need to remember is to never punch any holes in your shingles to hang lights. This will surely damage your roof and if that is the case then you need to call an Atlanta roofing company to inspect the damage. Having holes in the roof will mean water and mold can get through to your house and cause damage that you will have to spend money to repair later on.

Avoid walking on the roof because that can cause damage to your shingles as well.

If your roof has eaves, your best option is right there. Hang lights using the eaves. Even if your roof doesn’t have eaves, you don’t have to punch holes in the shingles and damage them. You can use parrot clips or Christmas light clips to hang your lighting.

Do Not Walk on The Roof

This has already been mentioned but you should not walk on your roof. Shingles are delicate and if you haven’t had an Atlanta roof company do an inspection, you don’t know whether your roof can handle your weight right now or not. It’s better to not risk falling and use a ladder to hang your lights.

Use the Right Equipment

We cannot emphasize this enough if you are hanging the lights on your own. Don’t do it alone. Always have someone with you to hold the ladder for you and pass the equipment to you. Avoid using a very large ladder as those can easily get out of balance and end up hurting you.

Clear Gutters Before Hanging Lights

If you are hanging the lights on your gutters. It is very important that you clear them out if there is any debris or leaves in them. Because this debris and leaves will get tangled with your lighting and make it difficult to remove later on.

Decorate the Yard and the Front

Sometimes, not decorating your roof is actually the safest option. You can always just spend the effort on the yard and the front of the house. Lighting and decorations look good there too. Look at it this way, the simpler your decorations, the easier it will be to remove them. And, the biggest plus is that you won’t have a damaged roof to get repaired at the end of the season.

How Can an Atlanta Roofing Company Help?

Before you hang your lights and are planning on doing so for the upcoming season. The best practice is to invite an Atlanta roofing company to inspect the condition of your roof. Is it safe for hanging lights? Can you walk on it? Are there any potential repairs needed that might get exaggerated by hanging lights? All these questions can be answered by the Atlanta Roofing Company.

After the holidays are over and you are done taking down the lights and are noticing some damages. Call the Atlanta Roofing Company to carry out an inspection and see where and what repairs are needed. We have licensed and insured professionals on our team that have years of experience in repairing and installing residential roofs in the greater Atlanta area.

Our teams are trained to get the job done professionally and efficiently with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We will offer you a free consultation for the repairs you need on your roof and also work on a schedule of your convenience.

So this holiday season, be careful with hanging those lighting decorations, stay safe and if you need your roof inspected, remember to give our Atlanta Roofing Company a call.


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