How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Winter roof maintenance

Winter is coming and it’s just around the corner. It’s natural that you’ve started to think about winterizing the house for the harsh weather. While you are busy with the other areas of the house, we would urge you to pay some attention to your roof as well.

Although the best way is to have an Atlanta roofing company inspect it, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow on your own:

Time to Clear Those Gutters

Definitely not a pleasant job, but a very necessary one. It is essential that your gutters are clear of any branches or debris because, during winter, a lot of frost and water needs to pass through these gutters. If these gutters are blocked, you will have a situation on your hands, leading to flooding in your house, and no one wants that on a cold winter day or night.

Do a Rust Check

This is as important as clearing your gutters. You need to check for any sections that may be rusted and deteriorated. If your gutters are rusted, they won’t drain rainwater through the proper path and may have possible leaks which can again lead to flooding in the house.

If you do have rust in your gutters, a good Atlanta roofing company can help inspect and repair the damage easily.

Take a Look at Your Tiles

Next up, you have to look at your roof tiles and shingles. Make sure there are no cracks or damage to the tiles. If you ignore these damages, water from these cracks can enter your house and your roof and potentially damage your home.

This water has the potential to travel down the floors and affect your electrical system on the way as well. Such damages need to be repaired before the onset of harsh weather.

Check for Water Damage

The next step is to ensure that there is no water damage to the inside of your roof. Check for any damp spots or leaks in your attic. If you spot something like this, you need to call an Atlanta roofing company immediately to inspect the damage and suggest the repairs needed. As mentioned before, water can cause serious damage to the structure and the electrical system of the house. It is better to repair such damage before it plays its part in further deteriorating your home.

Trim Nearby Trees

Tall trees near your house have the potential of adding to debris and leaves on your roof and in your gutters. The best option here is to slightly trim them so there is less shedding of leaves and debris near the gutters and the roof.

Inspect the Sealant

Is your roof sealed? It is best to have a good roofing company come in and inspect if the sealant and the caulk need a refresher before winter. Re-application may be required in areas where there are bricks stacked or antennas placed. You should have a roofing company inspect your roof for areas where a re-application of sealant may be needed.

Inspect Your Chimney

Your roofer can also take a detailed look at the chimney and see if any bricks have become loose or any mortar needs repairing. This may be a job for your contractor instead of the roofer, but they can still inspect the damage for you.

Look at Your Rooflines

Take a round of your rooflines and see if there are any breaks, dripping, or sagging. A sagging roof may be an indicator of framing issues or heavy saturation on the roof. Winter means harsh weather conditions like rain and snow, which may aggravate the issue and eventually cause a cave-in. This is something that can become quite a hassle on a cold winter day or night. It is best to have an Atlanta roofing company look at your roofline and identify the cause behind the sagging before winter arrives so it can be repaired in time.

Get a Professional Inspection

You may be tempted to do a full inspection on your own but we will also suggest you hire an expert team like that of Atlanta Roofing to do a full inspection of your roof and its condition. Roof inspections can lead to the identification of repairs and sometimes the need for a full replacement so it is important that you schedule a professional inspection. Atlanta Roofing has an expert team with experience in roof repairs and installation. We ensure the job is done flawlessly and efficiently.

Your roof is your house’s first line of defense in harsh weather so make sure to take extra care of it. An inspection will help you identify any damages and repair them timely.


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