Roof Maintenance: How Often Should It Be Done?

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Periodic maintenance is essential to extend your roof’s lifespan and reduce damage to your home. As a crucial part of a building, the roof should be repaired at the first indication of damage to deter more pricey repairs in the future. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook their roofs, which leads to the accumulation of damage over time.

Allowing damage to pertain is not only dangerous for the structural integrity of your home, but can result in other problems, like mold growth, wood rot, and excessive water damage.

People usually ask how often they should do roof maintenance. In this article, you’ll learn how often your roof requires maintenance and why it is crucial to hire competent residential roofers in Atlanta.

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But for now, let’s dive back into the topic!

Why Is Roof Maintenance Important?

Now that you are aware of the factors stressing your roof and reducing its lifespan, you should know what other factors make roof maintenance important.

Roof Maintenance Prevents Future Roof Damage

The most significant explanation for roof maintenance is prevention. Minor roof damage, if left unattended can result in a bigger issue in just a matter of time.

For instance, a crack in your pipe boot is a simple and inexpensive repair. But if it isn’t detected and treated because you didn’t prefer regular roof maintenance, it can cause you $300, $400, or even up to $500 worth of damage.

When you have regular roof maintenance, a professional roof contractor can quickly identify and fix the problem.

Your Roof’s Life Is Maximized

By getting a new roof installed, you expect it to last long. As mentioned above, annual maintenance can maximize the lifespan of the roof.

Roof maintenance enhances your roof life by timely identifying any problems. It helps fix these issues to prevent future damage.

Roof Maintenance Gives You Peace Of Mind

The best benefit you get by investing in regular roof maintenance is peace of mind. Just like a proper roof installation, regular roof maintenance is necessary to prevent future damage.

You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your expert residential roofers in Atlanta will identify any problems or provide your roof with a clean bill of health. In case your roof needs repairs, it can be caught before it becomes a serious issue.

After your roof maintenance inspection, you’ll be at ease knowing that your roof is working smoothly and your home is protected.

Factors That Affect a Roof’s Lifespan

The lifespan of your roof is determined by various factors. An annual roof inspection to keep these factors in check is essential for lengthening the life of your roof. Some of these factors are described below.

Holes And Leaks

Big holes in the roof are a progressive indication of roof damage. These holes allow sunlight and dust particles to penetrate through and further weaken the gap. If not repaired soon, the whole roof will need replacing.

Smaller cracks and holes can also create a path for moisture to seep in. These holes can get worse very fast. If you notice any sunlight coming through your ceiling or leaks when it rains, it’s time to have your roof inspected.

Moisture And Water Damage

Other indications of leaks in the roof include surplus moisture or water stains on the roof decking in the attic or on your ceiling. Often, moisture can soak into the insulation of your attic, so you should inspect it thoroughly to identify the extent of the damage. You might also notice puddles in your attic.

If your ceiling has brown or yellowish stains, it’s probably because of a leak. That’s also the case if there are brown or yellowish streaks on your walls. This discoloration is because of rainwater bringing dirt or other debris through the leaks from the surface of your ceiling or walls. A sagging ceiling is an even more advanced sign of a leak. In any case, it’s crucial to fix your roof right away to prevent further damage.

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Exterior Roof Damage

There are also indications of roof damage that are visible from the exterior. The most apparent ones are cracked, missing, or damaged roof shingles.

You should also check for any spot in the roofing that looks weird. Roofs usually have a nice, tidy, and uniform look.

If any spot looks somewhat strange, it implies a bad patch job by an irresponsible roofer. Poor patch jobs can do more harm than good. If you can’t safely see your roof exterior, try checking the gutters and area around your home. In case, your shingles are damaged, you’ll find pieces of broken shingles in the gutters or on the ground.

Such damages can expose your roof to the elements, making it sensitive to worse damage. Therefore, roof maintenance is necessary to increase its lifespan.

How Often Does Your New Roof Need Maintenance?

Roof maintenance is the regular inspection of all the damage-prone areas of a roof. To keep your new roof performing perfectly, it’s significant to have it periodically checked by a specialist residential roofer in Atlanta. Most people aren’t sure how often their roof needs maintenance.

Based on the type of roof, whether it be residential or commercial, your roof might require annual, biannual, or quarterly maintenance. Investing in roof maintenance can promise you long-term care of your new roof.

Even with an appropriately installed roof, it’s crucial to have at least an annual roof maintenance inspection by an expert.

General guidelines suggest that your roof needs an inspection every 3-5 years. To prevent even the smallest problems, experts recommend having your roof inspected more frequently than that.

This routine maintenance is an ideal method to save money on pricey repairs resulting from neglect.

A roof inspection doesn’t take long. It allows you to get some valuable information about your roof in the process.

As a general rule, you should get your roof checked preferably during the spring or autumn. It signifies you will know if your roof is ready for seasons with more extreme weather conditions.

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It may seem like there are a lot of things to consider about inspecting your roof, but the process will be worth your investment. Even if your roof has no apparent problems, it is good to have it checked for any hidden issues. The more attention you give to your roof, the longer it will serve you.

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