Tree or Branch Collapse: What To Do When This Happens

tree or branch collapse

People don’t always realize how dangerous it can be to have a tree or branch fall on their roof. This typically happens during a bad storm. If it’s raining and windy, there’s always the chance a piece of tree could fall on your roof. The same is true in an electrical storm. One minute you’re sitting at dinner and the next you hear a loud crash on your roof. Just from looking at the situation, you may not be able to tell how bad the damage is. And the last thing you should do is climb up on the roof to assess the damage. When things like this happen, you’re better off calling a local roofing contractor. They are not only experienced, but they also have the tools necessary to repair or replace your roof.

Here, we’ll talk about the steps you should take if you have a tree or tree branch crash down on your roof. These steps will not only help you get your roof repaired, but they’ll also help you keep your family safe. At the end of the day, your main primary has to be your family. Your roof can be fixed. Once everybody is safe and accounted for, then it’s time to give a roofing repair contractor in Atlanta a call.

Do a Quick Inspection of the Outside and Inside of Your Roof

The first thing you want to do is check the inside and outside of your roof. Did the tree or branch pierce the roof? Do you notice any holes or leaks in your ceiling or walls? This will give you a good idea of how bad the damage is. Don’t attempt to go on the roof to inspect. Just do a cursory inspection as best you can from the ground. This is especially true if the damage was caused by a storm and the storm is still brewing. The last thing you want to do is get hurt while doing this.

Depending on how bad the damage from the tree or branch collapse is, you can either call a local roofing contractor or call emergency services. If the damage is so bad that you fear for your family’s safety, call emergency services. Either way, you’ll eventually have to call a roofing repair contractor in Atlanta. Whether they fix the roof the same day or later in the week, they’ll still need to do a thorough inspection.

Find a Place for Your Family to Stay Right Away

If the damage from the tree of branch is minimal, there’s a good chance you can stay in the house. However, if the damage is bad and you have a tree piercing your living room or bedroom, you can’t stay in the house. Call a friend or family member and see if you can stay with them. Worst case, you can always stay at a motel for a few days. The last thing you want is that tree to crash even deeper into your home, crushing a loved one of family pet.

Make Sure You Secure Your Home Before You Leave

While you’re waiting for someone to come out and inspect the damage, secure your home as best you can. You don’t need insult added to injury. When the neighbors see that you’ve had a tree crash on your house, they may see it as a prime opportunity to help themselves to your possessions. Lock the doors and let the local police know what’s going on. They may be able to have a patrol car drive by a few times throughout the night.

As important as it is to secure your home, don’t do so at your own peril. Nothing is so important that you should risk your life. Just do the best you can. When you file your claim with the insurance company, you can always let them know if any personal property was stolen or damages as a result of the accident.

Don’t Forget to File a Claim with Your Homeowner’s Carrier

We understand that the last thing you feel like doing at a time like this is deal with the insurance company. Like it or not, however, you need to file your claim right away. It may be a good idea to call a local roofing contractor before you do this. They can help you identify how bad the damage is. They can also review your claim and let you know if you missed anything. Finally, your local roofer will be able to snap some pictures of the damage to your roof. You can then include these pictures with your claim.

At Some Point, You Need to Call a Local Roofing Repair Contractor in Atlanta

If you aren’t able to call a roofer the day of the tree or branch collapse, make sure to call as soon as possible afterwards. You’ll want a respected roofing repair contractor in Atlanta to come out and assess the damages. They can make any necessary repairs or, if needed, replace broken or missing shingles.

Contact an Experienced Local Roofing Company in Atlanta, Georgia

If your family experiences damage to your roof caused by a tree or branch falling on it, give us a call. This is not something any homeowner should try to fix on their own. It’s important that you contact a local roofing company as soon as possible. Since it’s best that you stay out of your home until you know it’s safe, you will have to find somewhere else to stay. The longer you wait to call a roofing repair contractor in Atlanta, the longer it’ll be before you can return to your home.

Our roofing repair company has helped many clients in your position. Our professional technicians have decades of combined experience handling issues such as this. Rather than risking getting hurt or killed, you’re much better off relying on a trained professional. Call our office today and ask for your free estimate.


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