Common Causes of Roof Stains

Roof stain on old roof

The material of your house is the principal layer of protection against elements like rain, sun, wind, and storms. What’s more, a rooftop additionally fills a stylish need. It factors into the stylistic theme and allure of the indoor environment of your home.

Rooftop stains are an issue that impacts both the look and function of your roof. They are a sign of a more profound issue that might be harming the primary strength of the rooftop. Simultaneously, stains look horrendous and deface the tasteful allure of the rooftop. This is the reason it is essential to recognize the genuine reason for roof stains and resolve it as soon as possible. Atlanta Roofing is here to help with all your roof repair and maintenance needs.

Causes of Roof Stains

Roof stains can be brought about for different reasons. Here is a gander at the most common causes of roof stains.


Rust is a problem that metal rooftops, or metal segments in different rooftops, may insight throughout the long term. Rusting generally happens when a segment of the metal is presented to water or dampness. As the metal parts rust, they leave the earthy colored rust-shading store which may then be conveyed into the rooftop by water. At the point when you experience rust-shaded rooftop stains, it is characteristic of two issues – rust, and water leakage.

To determine the main issue, you should completely investigate the material to see what segments have rusted. In the event that the rust has been around for a period, it might have eroded the metal enough to bargain its underlying trustworthiness. In such a case, you may have to supplant the glimmering or another part that has rust on it. In different cases, surface rust can be eliminated and the metal reestablished with surface treatment.

The subsequent issue is to recognize how the rust set in, in any case. As verified over, the metal segment has probably been presented to water or dampness for rust-shading staining to show up on your material. The answer for this is to discover the wellspring of this water spillage or leakage and deal with it.


Algae can develop into the construction of the rooftop because of the presence of warmth and dampness. Limestone filler material, regularly utilized in black-top shingle rooftops, is a wellspring of nutrients for algae. When it sets in, algae can immediately spread across the rooftop. It is noticeable as dark streaks along the rooftop. At the point when you see rooftop stains of this sort, the time has come to counsel material experts.

This is on the grounds that the most well-known answer for stains brought about by algae is to control wash the influenced part of the rooftop. At the point when you employ a project worker to eliminate algae, ensure the worker for hire picks a water pressure that is ok for the rooftop.

Algae development and the stains brought about by it are commonly not preventable. This is on the grounds that conditions helpful for algae development regularly exist in both private and business rooftops. Everything you can manage is to recognize such development on schedule and have it power-washed while it is as yet on a limited scale.

Roofing Material

Roofing materials can weaken over the long haul, making them lose their shading. This tone may then leak to the rooftop surface and cause staining and stains. The shade of such stains regularly relies upon the sort of material utilized. Black-top shingles, for example, will cause dark stains when it separates toward the finish of its life expectancy. Stains from a debasing metal rooftop might be of an alternate tone.


It is likewise workable for debris like leaves, products of the soil from trees, and bird droppings to leave stains on your rooftop. These stains can be very broad particularly when a tree dominates a bit of the rooftop. At the point when stains on your rooftop are brought about by such trash, the simple arrangement is to wash away the stains. In the event that you don’t have the hardware, you can enlist an expert roofing contractor for the job.

Recruiting a Reliable Roofing Company in Atlanta, GA

In the event that you wish to have your roof reviewed for stains and different issues, it is critical to employ a skilled roofing contractor. Here at Atlanta Roofing, we have been offering a complete scope of services to homeowners and businesses in the Atlanta area. We take pride in delivering an exceptional level of service and guarantee consumer satisfaction in all our work. Regardless of whether you need a new roof or maintenance and upkeep on a current one, we have you covered. Call us today for a free quote!


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