The Summer Months Can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

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Now that summer has arrived, it’s time to check on your roof. People think that winter is the only time of year that can be brutal on your roof. With the intense heat and humidity – both of which are in great supply in Atlanta – your roof is vulnerable to all sorts of damage.

Most people don’t even realize it. And why would you? None of us climb up onto our roof for no reason. Unless you notice a leak or see loose shingles, you don’t see any reason to inspect it. If you do think there’s a problem, rather than climbing up there and risk breaking your neck, you need to call a skilled Atlanta roofing company.

The Intense Heat in Atlanta Is Not Kind to Your Roof

The average temperature in Atlanta during the summer is well over 80 degrees. There are plenty of days over 90 degrees with the hottest days usually peaking at about 95 degrees. With the hot sun beating down on your roof all day, it can suffer an awful lot of abuse.

One thing you can do is apply a coating to your roof to protect it. This is kind of like putting sunscreen on before you go to the beach. It can protect your roof and shingles from the sun’s rays and even shield it from the humidity.

The sun can also make your roof fade. The prolonged exposure to the sun is what does this. One way to help protect your roof from this sun damage is to have an Atlanta roofing company apply an adhesive to keep your shingles safe and in place.

Humidity Is Not Your Roof’s Friend

Along with the sun, the humidity can slowly destroy your roof. When the temperature of your roof is cooler than the air, there’s going to be condensation.

Like any other sort of moisture, this condensation can weaken your roof and cause cracks. This, in turn, can cause slow leaks that start to appear around your house. You need to inspect it regularly to make sure this hasn’t happened.

If you’re not comfortable climbing up on the roof, that’s fine. You can call an Atlanta roofing company to come out and do that. In the meantime, make sure you spot-check your attic or upstairs to make sure there aren’t any signs of leaks. If you see anything suspicious, call our office and one of our professional roofers can come out and take a look.

If they notice anything that needs to be fixed, they’ll give you an estimate of what it would cost to fix. If the damage is extensive, they may say you need a new roof. Hopefully this isn’t the case, and you can get by with minor repairs. The only way to know for sure is to have an Atlanta roofing company send someone out to check it out for you.

An Atlanta Roofing Company Can Help Repair Water Damage

While it is common to suffer water damage on your roof in the fall and winter, it can happen during the summer months as well. There are tropical storms and hurricanes you have to worry about. And on those days in Atlanta when the temperatures are above 90 degrees, there’s always a chance of a thunderstorm.

What this heavy rain can do to your roof is cause weak spots. Your Atlanta roofing company can apply a waterproof layer to protect your roof from further damage. If the current damage is serious, your roofer will let you know and give you the option to repair it.

You Should Call an Experienced Atlanta Roofing Company Right Away

Very few people know what they’re looking at when they’re up on their roof. Some people try to repair their roofs themselves and then realize they’re in over their heads. They end up calling an Atlanta Roofing Company to fix the mess they’ve made of their roof.

The summer months are not very kind to your roof. The hot sun and humidity can damage or destroy your roof. Depending on what kind of shape your roof was in at the beginning of the season, this new damage may require you to get a new roof installed.

One way to avoid this is to call an experienced professional from an Atlanta roofing company so they can come out and take a look at the damage. They’ll give you a free estimate and let you know what your options are.


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