Mold Removal: How to Get Rid of Mold on Your Roof

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Mold is a pesky little parasite that can turn a beautiful home into a living nightmare for the residents due to its adverse effects on human health. Just the same way, it is a disaster to know that you have mold on your roof. How does mold get on your roof? Well, where there is water, there is mold. It can be on your roof where moisture has a way of sticking around or creeping in through leaky pipes.

It’s usually identified by its blackish-green color and odor and has a way of eating away at your roof shingles that can result in rot and a very weird-looking roof at the end of it.

Needless to say, when you spot the first signs of this alga appearing and taking over your roof, you need to wage war on it by calling a professional roofing company in Atlanta to assess the damage and get rid of it.

How to Prevent Mold Growth on Your Roof & in Your Yard

Mold can be removed from the roof shingles by using a basic bleach solution but if the infestation is deep, you will need a more professional fix than this to prevent it from coming back again.

This bleach solution can be very harmful to grass and plants in your home as it will run down from the roof once you have done the wash. You can protect your plants by covering them up or spraying a little bit of water on them to minimize the effects of the bleach solution.

Again, this is not a permanent solution if the spores have infested your foundations. You need a professional roofing company to do a proper and in-depth inspection and assess the extent of the infestation.

These are some valuable tips that will ensure your roof doesn’t keep having a recurring case of mold.

Trim Nearby Trees

Make sure your trees don’t reach or lean on your roof. They can spread spores and bacteria onto the roof.

Clean Up Standing Water

Your drains should not be clogged and your roof should not have standing water for too long. Standing water leaves a breeding ground for mold and algae growth.

The Steps for Cleaning Mold From Your Roof

If you find mold on your roof, here is how to get rid of it.

  1. Take the necessary safety precautions like using a sturdy ladder, wearing gloves and goggles when handling bleach.
  2. Never use a pressure washer to wash the bleach solution off the roof as it can easily damage the shingles on the roof.
  3. Use 1 part water and 1 part bleach to kill the mold on the roof. Wait 60 minutes for the solution to do its magic before you rinse it off with water.
  4. You can also use a solution of trisodium phosphate, mix a cup of it with a gallon of water.
  5. Research any other mold removal solutions to make sure they are safe for your roof before you use them.

The Benefits of Hiring a Roofing Company to Remove Mold

You may be fixing your mold problem on your own again and again but ignoring the fact that it simply means there is another problem that is causing mold to reappear. An experienced roofing contractor will ensure that they look at the underlying problems surrounding the mold infestation on your roof and fix it once and for all.

Years and years of experience in getting rid of mold and the root causes gives them the expertise to identify these issues much faster and better than you doing it on your own. Remember that mold spores are airborne and can spread to your entire neighborhood’s roofs if not taken care of professionally.

Roofing contractors have the equipment and the apparel ready to battle with mold. While you really don’t. You will be exposed to the mold spores directly and even inhale them. So hire a contractor to do the job instead of trying to do it yourself.

Atlanta Roofing Is Here to Help!

Atlanta Roofing has years of experience in helping clients get rid of mold and algae on their roofs. We take our time to inspect the situation and identify the root causes of the infestation. We then give you the full picture and the repairs necessary to avoid this situation in the future.

We work on our client’s schedules and ensure our clients are not exposed to any health risks of mold or algae while we take the necessary steps to clean it from the roof.

Are you suffering from a mold problem on your roof? Contact us now.


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