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When was the last time you took a good look at your roof? When was the last time it experienced a storm and you forgot to or ignored getting it properly inspected by a professional roofing company in Atlanta? Chances are, you don’t have the answer because it has been long. Well, you need to understand that your roof is literally what’s keeping you safe inside your house. It is what protects your house, you, and your family from being in direct contact with the elements, especially storms.

After a storm, your roof has now weathered through high winds, hail, and possible water damage. This warrants a professional inspection to ensure there is no major damage or wear and tear. If you ignore small signs and damages now, you may have to pay heftily for repairs or replacements later on.

How Can a Storm Damage Your Roof?

Storms can damage your roof in several ways, including:


We’re sure you’ve experienced hail at least once in your life and you know that hail has the potential to put dents in your car, imagine what it does to your roof?

High Winds

The biggest issue with experiencing high and strong winds is that they can blow off the shingles from your roof. This leaves areas exposed to water. Water seeps into these areas and wreaks havoc on your roof.

Heavy Rains

Calling a professional roofing company after a particularly rainy season should be your top priority as heavy rains can loosen shingles which can leave areas exposed to more water damage.

Winter Storms

Winter storms come with a combination of snow and high winds. Snow melts into sleet and the varying temperatures add to the situation on an even worst note. Water freezes and expands in small areas of the roof that can easily damage the shingles and expose the weaker parts of your roof to further damage.

Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection After a Storm

You need a trained eye to look for the damages that a roof can sustain after a storm has passed. This is why you need a professional roofing company to do an inspection:

Assess Invisible Damage

You can get on the roof and spend hours looking at it and you will be lucky to identify major issues but you will still be unaware of some issues that aren’t as apparent as others. A professional roofer has the eye for detail and is trained to identify issues based on the kind of weather conditions the roof has endured.

Handle Insurance Claims Easily

Insurance companies can be quite difficult to deal with. They require video and picture evidence with your damage claim to process reimbursement. What is so great about having a professional roofing company inspect your roof is that they create a proper report with pictures and videos during the inspection and also give you the full picture of the damage and the measures necessary to repair them. This information is now coming from a professional third party and your insurance company won’t be able to deny it.

Prevent Water Damage Properly

Some kinds of water damage can stare you right in the face and are very easy to detect. While others are sneaky and more discreet and can escape your eye till they’ve wreaked havoc on your home. A professional roofer is trained to look for these not so apparent signs and identify damage timely. This will save you so much money that you would have to spend on repairs or even replacement later on.

Save Money in the Long Run

If you make the smart decision to have a professional roofing company look at your roof in detail after a storm, you may actually end up saving money in the long run. Small damages and issues that go unnoticed right now can become huge issues later on that will ensure you spend a lot of money on repairs or even replacement in some cases.

Call the Best Atlanta Roofing Company

Atlanta Roofing has been in the business of handling roof repairs, installations, and replacements in the greater Atlanta area. We are experienced in dealing with roof damages due to strong weather conditions like a storm. We always recommend our clients schedule a routine inspection after a storm.

We offer 100% satisfaction to our clients and conduct a free consultation as well. We work on your schedule and convenience and ensure you have a safe and repaired roof in no time so you have the peace of mind that your family is under a safe roof.

Has your roof endured a recent storm? Call us and our licensed and insured professional team will do an inspection for you!


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