Residential Roofing in Atlanta: Most Common Materials

residential roofing

Roofs are vital parts of every building. This saying is true for residential and commercial structures. A roof does not only provide shade from the weather, it protects the contents of a home. Therefore, suppose you want to repair or replace your house roof. Then, it’ll be best to hire the best residential roofers in Atlanta, GA.

With our excellent roofers, you wouldn’t have to bother about every detail of the roofing process. However, knowing the commonly used residential roofing materials is vital. In addition, some of the options for commercial structures may not be ideal for your home. That’s why we explain the popular roofing materials below.

Top 6 Residential Roofing Materials in Atlanta, GA

There are several roofing materials in the market. However, only an experienced roofer can pick out the best for your residence. Notably, though, the roofing materials below are commonly used amongst homeowners.

  • Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing materials in Atlanta. This is also the case all over the US. An asphalt roofing plan is typically affordable and an excellent choice for your home. Furthermore, asphalt roofs can last as long as 20-35 years. However, this often depends on maintenance and other factors.

One vital feature of asphalt roofs is their fire resistance. Therefore, in a fire, your roof wouldn’t burn so easily. Manufacturers make asphalt shingles with fiberglass or other materials. Then, they overlay it with asphalt. Notably, the manufacturer can cover the shingles with asphalt on one or both sides.

Waterproofing is another excellent feature of asphalt shingles. In addition, factories make them in multiple colors. So, they can cater to your preferences. Installing an asphalt shingle roof is also pretty straightforward. It is therefore easy to get a roofer for the task.

  • Slate Tiles

Slates are another excellent roofing material. Roofing material makers hew slate tiles from shale, a type of hard, volcanic rock. Homeowners in the US have been using slate tiles for several centuries. Furthermore, slate tiles were previously expensive. However, new processing methods have since made this material affordable.

Slates have a naturally dark or neutral color. So, they beautify residential homes. In addition, a slate roof is pretty durable; it can last for up to 100 years. You can trace this durability to its:

  • Significant fire-resistance features, and
  • Resistance to bad weather conditions.

A typical slate roof can survive hail storms of up to four inches. Therefore, you wouldn’t lose sleep over issues that destroy other roofing materials. Unfortunately, slate tiles are heavy and do not welcome significant foot traffic. In addition, installing a slate roof is costlier than using asphalt shingles.

  • Clay Roofs

Yes, many people still construct their roofs with clay. This centuries-old tradition hasn’t yet faded. Instead, several residential buildings in warmer climates use clay roofs. Notably, the first obvious feature of clay rooftops is their immunity to moisture.

Furthermore, clay is resistant to heavy winds. However, installing clay roofs is a costly endeavor, and continuous maintenance can also become financially draining,

Another issue is that clay roofs are very heavy. So, you must check whether your home can handle the roof’s weight. Therefore, clay roofing materials cannot be an after-thought. You must have planned to use this method from the start. Then, you’ll build with the weight consideration.


  • Solar Tiles

As the name implies, solar roofs double as solar systems. The roof looks just like regular asphalt or other shingles. However, it’s built with solar panels or tiles. The solar panels draw energy from the sun. Then, they can convert this solar energy into electricity for your home.

Solar roofing materials are more popular in areas with heavy sunlight. Unfortunately, too, solar roofs are costly. Its expensive nature isn’t detachable from the dual purpose it serves. Fortunately, though, solar roofs mean more energy savings. So, you’re merely investing part of your energy bills into your roof.

  • Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing is also becoming common. Different sectors and building types exploit this roofing method. There are two examples of metal roofs, namely:

  • Metal panels, and
  • Metal shingles.

Both options are affordable, hence their wide appeal. In addition, they come in various designs, are lightweight, and require little maintenance. These great attributes don’t lower the quality of metal roofing materials, though. Instead, they’re durable and can last for many years.

  • Ceramic Roofing Tiles

The ceramics for your plates can also be used for your roof. Ceramic roofing tiles are excellent for residential roofing because of their weather and fire-resistant quality. In addition, ceramic roofs last for several decades, but they are pretty costly.

The high cost starts from the production stage until installation. However, ceramic roofs are great for areas with high temperatures. Furthermore, they’re easy to maintain and aren’t susceptible to insects and rot. Ceramic roofing materials are pretty heavy, though. So, you may need additional roofing support.

How to Choose the Best Residential Roofing Material 

Knowing the common residential roofing materials is one thing. However, choosing the right option for your home’s roof is another issue. Therefore, it’ll be best to work with an experienced Atlanta roofer when choosing a roof.

The tips below can guide your selection process.

  • Consider which materials are within your budget. You don’t have to break the bank to roof your home. Instead, you can choose affordable materials.
  • Choose what look you want for your house. This look is primarily determined by the shape, color, and appearance of your roof.
  • Determine how long you want your roof to last. Durability will limit your options amongst roofing materials.

Can I Install My Home’s Roof?

Do it yourself (DIY) residential roofing practices are common. However, people generally restrict their activities to minor roofing activities. It’ll be best to do so too. Installing a new roof is major work. So, it requires extreme skill and care. In addition, roofing is a dangerous job.

You’ll have to climb the rooftop and stay there for hours. Consequently, you’ll also have to deal with sun exposure. Furthermore, statistics show that roofers record the fifth-highest occupational deaths. If experts can be this endangered, it’ll be worse for non-professionals.

Let the Best Atlanta Roofers Handle Your Roofing Needs

Do you have a new home you want to roof? Or is it an existing structure that needs repairs or replacement? When searching for roofing contractors near me, it’ll be best to pick Atlanta roofing. Our roofers have several combined decades of experience in handling residential roofs. Therefore, we know just the right roofing material for your building. All you have to do is call us today for a FREE quote.


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