Roof Repair or Replacement: What’s Better for You?


Should you repair or replace your roof? A worn-out roof is usually easy to identify if you know what to look for. If not, the fallouts could catch you unawares. The signs of a faulty roof are quite glaring when the depreciation has come a long way.

You need to decide if you need to replace or repair the roof in such a situation. Atlanta Roofing can help you decide. So contact us if you need roofing repairs in Atlanta.

Factors That Will Influence Your Choice

Pay attention to the following factors to decide whether to replace or repair your roof.

  • The Age of Your Roof

Roofs have a life span depending on the quality. While there are roofs that can last for up to fifty years, every roof should last for at least twenty years. Of course, the closer your roof is to twenty years, the more appealing a replacement will be.

  • The Size of the Affected Area

The larger the affected area, the more you should consider getting a replacement. Conversely, the smaller damaged areas will warrant repairs more than replacement.

  • Cost

It is more expensive to replace a roof. If you are concerned about costs, then you should opt for repairs.

  • Nature of Damage

There are several forms of damage a roof can suffer. Each type will require a different solution. Some roof damage can be repaired, while others will make the rooftop irredeemable and warrant replacement.

Signs That You Need Replacement or Roofing Repair in Atlanta

Roofs are usually a building’s last line of defense from the elements. Your roof works to protect you from heat, rain, and wind every day. Detecting a faulty roof is key to maintaining such security.

Many roofing faults require more than the ordinary eyes to detect; solving a roof problem will typically require planning. You might need to adjust your finances to accommodate your roofing needs. For this reason, early detection is critical.

Several signs will help you know if your roof requires professional attention. These are:

  • Dark Streaks

If you notice some dark coloration on your roof, it needs attention. These colorations are known as dark streaks. They are a manifestation of algae attacks and don’t like to hide. Therefore, they will appear even on dark-colored roofing and reduce your roof’s attractiveness.

  • Mold

Mold forms black stains on roofs and is more conspicuous on lighter-colored roofs. The highly humid climate of Atlanta makes roofs more susceptible to molding.

  • Granules Are Falling Off

Wear and tear can cause asphalt shingle roofing granules to fall off. If your roof begins to lose granules, they become less resistant to the assault of UV rays. Granule loss will also cause your roof to experience severe drying till it begins to crack.

However, perfectly healthy roofs can shed their granules. Some roofing manufacturers lace their products with more than enough granules. These excess granules will begin to shed themselves.

Ordering an intervention in such cases will be uncalled for and waste your money. An experienced roofing expert will identify the cause of every granule shedding and advise you accordingly. If your roof’s granule loss results from depreciation, your Atlanta roofer will more likely recommend a replacement.

  • Change in the Internal Temperature of Your Home

Your roof acts to protect your house from unfavorable temperatures. Energy-efficient roofing is becoming a trend in these days of climate unpredictability. New technology has made roofs emit less heat to keep buildings cooler.

The result is reduced energy consumption from household temperature regulators. This way, houses can keep their energy bills in check. However, your roof may need attention if you notice that your home is getting hotter than ever, and energy bills are rising again.

  • Nails Are Beginning to Come Off

If you find roofing nails around your house, call a roofing expert. Loose and falling nails are one of the signs of a faulty roof. The more nails your roof loses, the more exposure it gets.

It is possible that your roofing contractors didn’t fasten the nails well enough. So, the new roofer will most likely suggest a repair, not a replacement.

  • Curled Shingles

Shingles can begin to curl or buckle even while still connected to one another. A wave begins to form, producing hills and slopes. When you notice that your roofing shingles begin to curl or bend, call for help.

Curled shingles are a common sign of roofing faults. Poor roofing installation and the inability to withstand moisture are the popular causes.

  • Missing or Displaced Shingles

Every shingle plays a big role in making your roofing effective, but some may detach from their connection. There are consequences when even one shingle gets lost or falls out of place. For example, your roof will most likely begin to leak. Depending on the situation, your roof may need a replacement or repair.

Contractor patching an Atlanta roof, roof repairs

Repair vs. Replacement?

There are some roofing challenges you can solve with repair, and others call for only replacement. If you are torn between deciding on roofing repair in Atlanta or replacement, your Atlants roofing experts will make their suggestions.

Let’s examine the benefits of both options to help you decide.

Benefits of Roof Repair

  • It costs less to repair a roof than to replace it.
  • It increases the lifespan of your roof.
  • Little inconvenience. You do not have to relocate, and roof repair doesn’t take long. The whole process could be over within hours or even minutes.

Cons of Roof Repair

  • Hiring an unprofessional roofing contractor may further damage your roof and compound the problem.
  • Problems may be deep-rooted.
  • The rains could lighten the color of the old roof and make it difficult to get matching colors for the repair. Your roof may end up looking quite awkward when colors are different.

Benefits of Roof Replacement

  • Increases the value of the building
  • Safety and peace of mind

Cons of Roof Replacement

  • Roof replacement is more expensive.
  • You might pick a roofing contractor who will do poorly and waste your money.
  • Temporary inconvenience. Roof replacements are noisy, and this noise will continue for quite a while. In addition, occupants may have to relocate temporarily while the roof undergoes replacement.

Need Roof Replacement or Roofing Repair in Atlanta? Contact Us Now!

If you desire long-lasting roofing solutions, Atlanta Roofing stands out. You can contact us to inspect your roof and recommend the best option. Some roofing defects don’t always require replacements, but in cases where they do, we will surely let you know.

We are the first choice of roofing contractors in Atlanta. So call us for your roof installation, repair, and maintenance and get a free estimate.


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