What’s New in Sustainable Roofing?


With the renewed emphasis on being eco-friendly, more homeowners are considering alternate options when it comes to repairing or replacing their roofs. Atlanta roofing companies receive inquiries all the time about which materials are the kindest to the environment. The good news is that you have plenty of options to choose from. Regardless of where you live or what style of home you have, there’s an alternative to traditional roofing materials. Here, we’ll discuss several of the latest eco-friendly roofing materials you can rely on to lower your energy bills and reduce your family’s carbon footprint.

Why Would You Want an Eco Friendly Roof?

It would seem only natural that most people would want to do their part when it comes to rescuing the planet. But even if you’re not overly concerned with environmental issues, eco friendly roofing can save you money over the long term. It can also help reduce your energy bills. Rather than see your utility bills skyrocket in the summer and winter months, you will enjoy using much less energy.

Is it Okay to Use Clay Roof Shingles Instead of Wood or Asphalt?

One of the most impressive things about having a clay roof is that it keeps your house warm through the cold, winter months. The clay will trap any radiant heat and help keep your house nice and toasty. The other great thing about clay roofs is that they last so long, most come with a 100-year warranty. Of course, you’ll want to talk to your Atlanta roofing company before you assume your roof will be protected for that long.

You Can Consider Using Recycled Materials

One of the most obvious solutions is to use recycled and reclaimed materials. The big difference between recycled and reclaimed materials has to do with how they were processed. Recycled materials are made from rubber, plastic, and wood that were discarded and pressed into new materials.

Reclaimed materials, on the other hand, are simply materials that were no longer needed for their original purpose. For example, if you wanted to put traditional asphalt shingles on your roof, your Atlanta roofing company may be able to get their hands on loose shingles that came from a roof they tore off another house. Both recycled and reclaimed wood, metal, rubber and plastic offer a perfect component for your new roof and is kinder to the planet.

Some Atlanta Roofing Companies Are Now Installing Living Roofs

One of the newest ideas is to have a living roof installed in your home. A living roof is made up of plants and vegetation. It will look like a garden of sorts, but it will serve the same function as any other roof. Oddly enough, you will have to mow and water your living roof from time to time. Make sure this is something you can physically do before you make this sort of investment.

It’s Okay to Opt for Wood Shingles

One issue Atlanta roofing companies run into a lot is customers who don’t want to use wood because it’s a natural resource. The good news is that your roofer can install your roof using recycled or reclaimed wood. As mentioned earlier, this is an eco-friendly choice. It’s also a lot cheaper to use recycled and reclaimed wood rather than new wood. Now that more homeowners are interested in going “green”, Atlanta roofing companies try to keep a fair amount of recycled and reclaimed wood on hand.

Metal Roofing is the Most Eco Friendly Style

Believe it or not, more people are opting for metal roofs today. Not only are they easy for your Atlanta roofing company to install, but they’re also relatively inexpensive. Experts confirm that metal roofs can outperform conventional asphalt roofs. Unlike wood, metal roofs can help keep your home cool in the summer months. The metal reflects the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. This can help cut down on your utility bills. The other great thing about metal roof shingles is that they can withstand the onslaught of inclement weather. They’ll stack up against a tropical storm or blizzard much better than traditional roofs.

Call for Your Free Estimate from an Atlanta Roofing Company

Before you make any final decisions, call our Atlanta roofing company and request your free estimate. Let one of our experts come out to your house and give you an idea of what it’ll cost to repair or replace your roof. They can go over your options with you so you can make an informed decision that protects the environment and your wallet.


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