Roofers in Atlanta: How to Protect Your Family from a Storm Chaser

Roofers in Atlanta

Roofers in Atlanta know that there are so many “professionals” out there who are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. From door-to-door salespeople to lawn care companies, it can feel like you’re drowning in solicitations. The same thing tends to happen in the days after a major storm. There are companies out there that we refer to as “storm chasers” who go up and down the coast preying on homeowners who have suffered damage to their homes after a recent storm.

When small towns get hit by a hurricane or tornado, these companies magically appear within hours, offering to fix your roof for a great cost. The truth is, if you can’t confirm that they’re legitimate roofers in Atlanta, you need to make it clear you aren’t interested in their services. These companies try to find naïve homeowners desperate to get their roof fixed after a major weather event. They end up taking the homeowner’s money and never do the work.

What Exactly is a Storm Chaser?

Storm chasers are opportunists who travel state to state, depending on where the storms are hitting. When they see a major storm is threatening an area like Atlanta, they quickly move their gear into town and start going door to door offering their services. Most homeowners have no reason to suspect that they’re anything other than qualified roofers in Atlanta. After all, they have a van and equipment. Besides, why would someone lie about being a professional roofer?

What are Some of the Signs that You’re Dealing with a Storm Chaser?

It’s really important that you be able to spot a storm chaser right away. Otherwise, they’ll have you agreeing to do thousands of dollars worth of work. You give them a check for half up front, promising to pay the balance after the work is completed. They even give you a receipt. However, once they’re cashed your check, they stop showing up to work. The next thing you know, the storm chaser is nowhere to be found and you’re out a few thousand dollars.

Always Demand to See Something in Writing Before They Start to Work

Any reputable roofer in Atlanta will be willing to give you a written estimate before they start the work. They aren’t hiding from anyone, so they have no problem supplying you with a written estimate as well as proof that they’re licensed and insured in Georgia.

A storm chaser, on the other hand, will act like they’re insulted that you dared to ask them if they were licensed to do work in Georgia. Or they may give you a copy of a fraudulent document hoping you won’t do any research on their company. Whether they give you documentation or not, make sure you go online and do your homework. Otherwise one of these crooks will sneak off with your hard-earned money.

Do Your Homework Before You Agree to Anything

Before you agree to anything, do your homework. You need to check with the local Better Business Bureau and see if there have been any complaints against them. You should also look for their website and see if they have any references or reviews on there. If things don’t add up, don’t agree to let them touch your roof.

The last thing you need is them doing a day’s worth of work and then demanding payment for the job before you’ve ever agreed to it. Typically storm chasers will promise you a great rate upfront and then, halfway through the job, tell you that they underestimated the work that needs to be done on your roof. This is when you know you’re being taken advantage of. Don’t give in.

Should You Bother to Report a Fraudulent Roofing Company?

If you think you’ve been taken for a ride from a storm chaser, you can report it to the state. However, odds are, they didn’t give you their real name or contact information. They probably used a burner phone and just stole a magnetic sign to put on their white non-descript van. Once they hit a few houses in your neighborhood, they’ll disappear, nowhere to be found.

Only Trust Credible and Reliable Roofers in Atlanta

Rather than lose sleep over being taken advantage of by a storm chaser, just stick to what you know. If you need repairs done to your roof, call one of the local roofers in Atlanta. This way, you can rest assured that they’re legitimate and will do a quality job on your roof. All you have to do is call our office and request a free estimate.


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